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Financial Statements

You’ve worked hard to get your business off the ground. Business is good— so good that you’re ready to trade up from your leased space and build your own building. You’ve met with the bank and they’ve given you preliminary approval on a loan package. But the bank representative says she needs to see your financial statements before she can finalize your loan.

You know that timely, accurate and understandable financial statements are necessary to gauge how well your business has performed and to assess the strength of its financial position. You know that they are the foundation upon which you make important business decisions. You can prepare your financial statements in house, but if you’re like many small business owners, you may prefer to have an outside professional to prepare your financial statements in accordance with an accounting framework that is appropriate for your business.

You are a General Contractor and want to increase your license limit with the state. They tell you that you need a Financial Statement signed by a CPA.

Sound similar to your situation?  WE CAN HELP!!! 


We offer 4 types of Financial Statement Services:

  • Basic Financial Statement Preparation
    • The financial statement preparation service is primarily intended for your own use to have current information on the financial standing of your business and to make decisions accordingly.
    • In essence this service is no different from what an in-house controller or CFO would provide to management in a larger company. You can share your financial statements with outside parties but on each page we will include a notice that “no assurance is provided” on the financial statements.
  • Compilation
    • We do not obtain any assurance for a compilation because we are not required to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information provided or otherwise gather evidence for the purposes of expressing an audit opinion or a review conclusion.
    • The compilation report states that we did not audit or review the financial statements and accordingly does not express an opinion, a conclusion or provide any assurance on them.
    • A compilation is typically appropriate when initial or lower amounts of financing or credit are sought or there is significant collateral in place. Though no assurance is provided, outside parties may appreciate your association with a CPA, which is readily apparent in the formal compilation report.
  • Review
    • In a review engagement, we will issue a formal report that includes a conclusion as to whether, based on the review, we are aware of any material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in order for them to be in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.
    • A review typically is appropriate as a business grows and is seeking larger and more complex levels of financing and credit. It is also useful when you, as the business owner, are seeking greater confidence in your financial statements for the purpose of evaluating results and making key business decisions.
  • Audit
    • We will issue a formal report that expresses an opinion on whether the financial statements are presented fairly, in all material aspects, in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework.
    • In addition, the we are required to report to you any significant or material weaknesses in your system of internal control that are identified during the audit. By becoming aware of internal control weaknesses and discussing these with us, you might be able to improve the way you do business.
    • As the highest level of assurance, an audit typically is appropriate and often required when you’re seeking complex or high levels of financing and credit. An audit also is appropriate if you’re seeking outside investors or preparing to sell or merge with another business.

If this all seems to complex, no fear, we are the experts and will review your needs and determine which Financial Statement will best serve your business.