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QuickBooks Support

In today’s world, it can seem like everything has gone virtual. However, as new technology develops, many aspects of our lives can get easier through automation- including managing your business. Investing in updated business automation software can save you time and money in the long run.

We’ll discuss your business bookkeeping, accounting and/or QuickBooks project with you and give you an estimate for getting any and all of your past due books in tip-top shape.  With our bookkeeping service you get real time books and records at the touch of the QuickBooks app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  Be as involved as you would like or just watch the magic happen! Not a tech geek? No worries! Our IT training team loves to help our clients with the initial onboarding process.  We expect new users to have many questions but we notice after roughly 90 days that most people have overcome the small learning curve.  

Or, if your books are fine and you just need monthly virtual bookkeeping we can do that, too.

We support QuickBooks Online. What Is QuickBooks Online (QBO)?  

QuickBooks has been a trusted name by accountants and business owners alike for years. Now, QuickBooks Online, the latest version of QuickBooks, offers business owners more options than ever to manage their business. While traditionally, QuickBooks software was downloaded to your computer, the new QBO option is based online, enabled with cloud-based data backups.  

QuickBooks Online comes with numerous benefits:  

  • Web-Based Security: QBO is routinely updated throughout the day to provide the most secure experience possible. Data is backed up every two hours to ensure the safety and security of your data. 
  • Ease of Access: QBO can be accessed from anywhere, even your cell phone. Checking in on your accounts or working from anywhere has never been easier. 
  • The Bank Feed: QBO now supports external banking apps, meaning you can connect your bank account, or even PayPal account to handle finances right in your QBO account.  
  • Ease of Use:  Say goodbye to the days of adding journal entries, or recording all the transactions for the month. With QBO, many processes are streamlined. For example, the new “Ask My Accountant” function allows you to place items you are unsure how to categorize in a separate area to review with your accountant at the end of the month.  

Ready to Make the Shift?

Now is a great time to consider updating your business to QuickBooks Online. If you have questions about making the jump to QBO, please contact the team at Loftis CPA to learn more about how QBO can serve your business. 

Get Started today!