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Tax Risk Services

A defined strategy for approaching tax risk.

Although the tax function has traditionally been thought of as a cost center, today it is viewed as adding value while managing tax risk. That value is especially important when navigating business decisions activated by crisis. With tax disputes on the rise and increasing reputational pressures related to tax, a robust risk management program is critical.

Loftis CPA helps businesses implement a tax risk strategy and proactively works with key stakeholders to manage the organization’s tax risk. Our process includes a holistic view of the tax function and uses a total tax approach.

As the global economy moves toward more tax risk scrutiny and transparency, is your tax department prepared?

Manage Risk With the Tax Control Framework

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) introduced the Tax Control Framework (TCF) to help enterprises ensure the accuracy of their tax returns and disclosures. By implementing a TCF and formalizing your approach to tax risk management, your organization will have better visibility into vulnerabilities and can uncover opportunities to improve tax operations. A TCF will help address issues resulting from unexpected tax examination findings, high tax department turnover, rapid growth or organizational transformation, and more.

How We Can Help

Loftis CPA helps clients establish a tax risk strategy that documents the directives of the tax function and defines principles for governance and reporting. When that strategy is applied across all transactions and tax matters in a consistent manner, it helps clients:

Build Stakeholder Trust

Respond to inquiries with speed and confidence.

Strengthen Accountability

Embed accountability into the day-to-day activities and culture of the tax function.

Reduce Risk

Improve decision-making with risk insights and automate monitoring and reporting.

Prepare for What's Next

Prepare your organization for future regulations and guidance.

Our Approach

To help you develop a future-ready tax risk strategy, our team brings industry experience and understanding of the commercial, legislative and reputational pressures facing your business. We view tax governance as part of your organization’s enterprise risk management and broader business strategies. By focusing on your long-term success, we work with you to build a foundation for trust and transparency in the evolving global tax environment.